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PBC News & Comment: After 19 Years, 9/11 Coverup Holds

Despite dedicated efforts of activist investigators, the myths of 9/11 are accepted by most Americans, with dire and deadly consequences…–19 years after JFK assassination, the official narrative was widely rejected; with media complicity, the 9/11 narrative is widely believed

–in WashPost column, Michael Rosenwald portrays Dick Cheney as a hero and promotes implausible scenario of flight 93’s crash in Pennsylvania

–at MintPress, John Whitehead lists the self-inflicted losses from 9/11

–Afghan government and Taliban leaders will begin direct talks this weekend in Qatar

–wildfires rage on in California, Oregon and Washington as death toll and property loss continue to climb

–in new, in-depth interview, co-authors Maya Schenwar and Victoria Law expose the downside of incarceration “reforms”, like home confinement and mandatory drug treatment

–federal judge finds immigration officials are still violating her court order regarding detention of minors

–to enable and pay for transfer of ICE stormtroopers to Washington in June, ICE transferred 74 detainees to Farmville, and 51 brought Covid with them

–in case that’s not “close or complicated”, appeals court blocks Trump’s order to exclude undocumented residents from 2020 census

–Microsoft reports Russia has attempted to hack election-related sites, and media plays down that no attempts have succeeded

–Treasury Dept. places sanctions on Ukrainian Parliament member who released heavily edited Biden phone call

–domestic meddling in the 2020 election continues, as courts in Nevada and Texas handle vote-by-mail objections

–appeals court blocks hundreds of thousands of ex-felons form voting in Florida, contradicting public vote to restore their rights

–religious right and other conservatives will be on guard for “voter fraud”

–in large newspaper ad, elderly couple volunteers to sort the mail around election time

–unpredictable young voters supported Bernie in ’16, flipped the House in ’18. Will they support Biden?

–our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–after fire gutted refugee camp on Greek island of Lesbos, EU offers to take in 400 kids

–Trump’s biggest donor, Sheldon Adelson, is rewarded with insider deal to purchase former US embassy on the beach in Tel Aviv

Rolling Stone reports that oil wells and fracking sites produce radioactive wastewater