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PBC News & Comment: Falwell-Pool Boy Triangle Had Political Dimensions

WashPost investigation reveals that Falwells and Giancarlo Granda were sex and business partners for 7 years, Jerry traded favors with Trump…Bulletin: as I exited the studio after recording this podcast, news broke of the death today of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  I added some quick comments at the opening of this episode.

Post shows some courage in reporting likely to lead to lawsuits from Falwell

–in coded appeal to whites, Trump calls for “patriotic education” after AG Barr compares pandemic lockdown to slavery

–Barr’s #2 rationalizes federal sedition charges for protesters

–Georgetown law professors Katyal and Geltzer hit Barr for politicizing Durham investigation and resignation of Nora Dannehy

–police and allies re-write events in Seattle pepper spray of child, LA sheriffs’ killing of Dijon Frizee, and federal marshals’ shooting of Michael Reinoehl

–ruling on lawsuit brought by AG of Washington state, federal judge issues sweeping order to postmaster general to roll back changes at Post Office

–new calls to investigate DeJoy for campaign law violations

–Greg Palast warns that Trump is intentionally destabilizing the election so he can extend his term under 12th Amendment

ABC and CNN town halls with Trump and Biden revealed a few things

–in many wings of the Democratic party, alarms are sounding about Biden’s nonexistent ground game: Nathan Robinson, here, Walker Bragman here

–Dems pile on anti-China bandwagon, proposing meaningless legislation to boost US manufacturing

–at Assange extradition hearing, CIA rendition victim Khaled el-Masri is blocked from testifying, but his statement is very helpful to Assange; coverage from Shadowproof, ConsortiumNews, and Craig Murray

–Caitlin Johnstone has strong comments about the hearing

WSWS scoops corporate media with damning quotes from ex-CIA director Panetta on the intentional chilling effect of Assange prosecution

–Oregon and Washington brace for flash floods as heavy rains slow progress of fires, but don’t put them out

–our daily Covid-19 update

–Monroe and April Grisman share their new music video about Trump