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In-Depth Interview: Prof. Peter Laufer Talks About His New Book, Advocating for Open Border with Mexico

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Peter Laufer, University of Oregon Journalism Professor and author of 20+ books, returns to talk about his new book, arguing for opening the Mexican border.  You can choose audio or video!This conversation was conducted online as a bookstore event hosted by Village Books in Bremerton, Washington.  You can watch the video here.

The audio from the Crowdcast video feed is a bit uneven, sorry.

Laufer has written many books about borders and migration, and his latest makes the case for treating the US-Mexican border similar to the US-Canada border. His new book is Up Against the Wall: The case for Opening the Mexican-American Border.

In this conversation, we open with the current border problems brought on by Trump’s extreme policies, which include family separation, forced sterilization, and violations of US asylum law.  Laufer has actually met Trump’s architect of these policies, Stephen Miller.

He makes his case for opening the Mexican border, to reduce unauthorized crossings and regularize the status of people who are now undocumented.  In the process, he shares anecdotes from his travels and deep study of our southern frontier.  Near the end, he relates his meeting with former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, who wrote the forward to this new book.