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PBC News & Comment: October Surprises for Trump, Melania and Guilfoyle

Trumps have Covid, embarrassing recording of Melania released, Kimberly Guilfoyle accused of sexual harassment; libs are skeptical of Covid report…--Trump’s prodigious, reflexive lying leads many to skepticism of Dear Tweeter’s disclosure he’s got the China Virus; at deadline, news that Don to enter hospital

--NY Times opinionist Frank Bruni expresses doubts, too

--Did Trump get it from Hope Hicks, or give it to her? After Hicks tested positive, Trump mingled with fatcats at fundraiser in NJ

--SCOTUS nominee already had Covid, but people who attended her debut at White House are testing positive

--will Trump go back on HCQ? Or try out antibody treatment?

--Melania’s potty mouth is exposed in secret recordings from her former friend, as she bitches about Christmas duties and other burdens

--and Don Jr.’s galpal Kimberley “the BEST IS STILL AHEAD” Guilfoyle is outed as sexual harasser, that’s why she left Fox “News”

--first review of tapes from Brionna Taylor grand jury are revealing

--in proven GOP voter suppression tactic, Texas Gov. Abbott orders ballot drops limited to one per county

--WashPost reports FBI and Justice Dept. are gearing up for violence around election, in this sanitized report

--and WSWS gives a brutally honest report

--progressive groups are mobilizing to neutralize right wing violence on election day

--Vice reports 96% of summer protests were peaceful, along with 70 gun incidents

--new migrant caravan crosses from Honduras to Guatemala

--in new book, former CIA boss John Brennan admits he overruled 2 aides in drafting of January, 2017 “assessment” of Russian meddling

at The Grayzone, Ben Norton unmasks fake left-wing news site PeaceData, which is alleged part of 2020 Russian meddling scheme

--Assange extradition hearing ended yesterday, we cite report from ConsortiumNews

--world citizen and activist Ai WeiWei speaks up for Assange

--court orders Ed Snowden to share $5 million in book profits with US

--US military using new drone-delivered weapon called “the Ninja”, which slices its target into tiny bits

--our daily Covid-19 update

--17 GOP members of House voted for QAnon in resolution

--UN report on human rights in Venezuela marred by many omissions

--at MintPress, Miko Peled reports on the effort to expose the dirty work of the Anti-Defamation League

--Frances Choy, convicted at age 17, exonerated for killing her parents after 17 years in prison