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PBC News & Comment: October Surprises for Trump, Melania and Guilfoyle

Trumps have Covid, embarrassing recording of Melania released, Kimberly Guilfoyle accused of sexual harassment; libs are skeptical of Covid report…–Trump’s prodigious, reflexive lying leads many to skepticism of Dear Tweeter’s disclosure he’s got the China Virus; at deadline, news that Don to enter hospital

NY Times opinionist Frank Bruni expresses doubts, too

–Did Trump get it from Hope Hicks, or give it to her? After Hicks tested positive, Trump mingled with fatcats at fundraiser in NJ

–SCOTUS nominee already had Covid, but people who attended her debut at White House are testing positive

–will Trump go back on HCQ? Or try out antibody treatment?

–Melania’s potty mouth is exposed in secret recordings from her former friend, as she bitches about Christmas duties and other burdens

–and Don Jr.’s galpal Kimberley “the BEST IS STILL AHEAD” Guilfoyle is outed as sexual harasser, that’s why she left Fox “News”

–first review of tapes from Brionna Taylor grand jury are revealing

–in proven GOP voter suppression tactic, Texas Gov. Abbott orders ballot drops limited to one per county

WashPost reports FBI and Justice Dept. are gearing up for violence around election, in this sanitized report

–and WSWS gives a brutally honest report

–progressive groups are mobilizing to neutralize right wing violence on election day

–Vice reports 96% of summer protests were peaceful, along with 70 gun incidents

–new migrant caravan crosses from Honduras to Guatemala

–in new book, former CIA boss John Brennan admits he overruled 2 aides in drafting of January, 2017 “assessment” of Russian meddling

at The Grayzone, Ben Norton unmasks fake left-wing news site PeaceData, which is alleged part of 2020 Russian meddling scheme

–Assange extradition hearing ended yesterday, we cite report from ConsortiumNews

–world citizen and activist Ai WeiWei speaks up for Assange

–court orders Ed Snowden to share $5 million in book profits with US

–US military using new drone-delivered weapon called “the Ninja”, which slices its target into tiny bits

–our daily Covid-19 update

–17 GOP members of House voted for QAnon in resolution

–UN report on human rights in Venezuela marred by many omissions

–at MintPress, Miko Peled reports on the effort to expose the dirty work of the Anti-Defamation League

–Frances Choy, convicted at age 17, exonerated for killing her parents after 17 years in prison