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PBC News & Comment: CoviDon’s New Reality Show: SuperHuman

After Sunday narcissist refueling, Trump goes wild on Twitter, says he will leave Walter Reed tonight, defying the outside experts…–Trump tweeted video claiming he’s now “educated” on Covid, “I get it” before he ignores what he learned to take a ride that risked infecting SS agents

–updates on a range of Trump-Covid developments

–Pence will go to Utah, a hot spot, to debate Harris on Wednesday

–Vanity Fair reports Don Jr. thinks Dad is acting crazy, but other family members prefer enabling to intervention

–GOP leaders map out death march to confirm Amy Covid Barrett

–David Sirota outlines stalling tactic for Senate Dems…but will they use it?

–Chris Hedges explains how corporate forces manipulate Christian extremists in Barrett confirmation

–Reps. Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Massie sponsor resolution to end extradition efforts for Julian Assange

–Kevin Gosztola reports that Ecuador gave sensitive Assange documents found in London embassy to US

–NC professors offer analysis of moderate Dems, not much different from conservatives

–GOP suppression efforts roll on, invalidating mail-in ballot applications for over 100,000 Iowans

–nonpartisan watchdog says Trump campaign has laundered over $170 million

–at The Intercept, Murtaza Hussain exposes the negative impact of Israel’s blacklist at Canary Mission

–in major victory for Maduro, UK court denies recognition to Venezuela’s rogue “president” Guiado

–our daily Covid-19 update

–in first test, Venice floodgates prevent inundation from king tides

WashPost profiles armed rightwing group, Oath Keepers

–George Takai’s idea goes viral, as gay couples take over #ProudBoys hashtag