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PBC News & Comment: CoviDon’s New Reality Show: SuperHuman

After Sunday narcissist refueling, Trump goes wild on Twitter, says he will leave Walter Reed tonight, defying the outside experts…--Trump tweeted video claiming he’s now “educated” on Covid, “I get it” before he ignores what he learned to take a ride that risked infecting SS agents

--updates on a range of Trump-Covid developments

--Pence will go to Utah, a hot spot, to debate Harris on Wednesday

--Vanity Fair reports Don Jr. thinks Dad is acting crazy, but other family members prefer enabling to intervention

--GOP leaders map out death march to confirm Amy Covid Barrett

--David Sirota outlines stalling tactic for Senate Dems…but will they use it?

--Chris Hedges explains how corporate forces manipulate Christian extremists in Barrett confirmation

--Reps. Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Massie sponsor resolution to end extradition efforts for Julian Assange

--Kevin Gosztola reports that Ecuador gave sensitive Assange documents found in London embassy to US

--NC professors offer analysis of moderate Dems, not much different from conservatives

--GOP suppression efforts roll on, invalidating mail-in ballot applications for over 100,000 Iowans

--nonpartisan watchdog says Trump campaign has laundered over $170 million

--at The Intercept, Murtaza Hussain exposes the negative impact of Israel’s blacklist at Canary Mission

--in major victory for Maduro, UK court denies recognition to Venezuela’s rogue “president” Guiado

--our daily Covid-19 update

--in first test, Venice floodgates prevent inundation from king tides

--WashPost profiles armed rightwing group, Oath Keepers

--George Takai’s idea goes viral, as gay couples take over #ProudBoys hashtag