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PBC News & Comment: In Partisan Election Ruling, SCOTUS Contradicts SCOTUS

In incoherent, blatantly partisan move, Supreme Court reinstates South Carolina ballot witness rule, an act of voter suppression during election…Buzzfeed covers the story well

–more details surface about Amy Coney Barrett and People of Praise cult, which Dems promise not to ask about in hearings

–at Barrett’s super-spreaded White House debut, her patron and leader of Alliance Defending Freedom was guest

–E. Jean Carroll, the writer who’s accused Trump of raping her, fights effort by Bill Barr to kill her lawsuit for defamation

–following his miraculous resurrection from Covid, defiant Trump poses for photo op, without mask or Bible

–Trump says he will debate Biden in Miami next week

–for debate tomorrow, Pence and Harris argue about plexiglass screens

–Fed chair Jerry Powell sends SOS over bailout funding, as Trump kills negotiations with Speaker Pelosi

–McConnell adjourned the Senate after lame effort by Dems to block it

–in rare UN speech, former head of OPCW demands that the agency stop muzzling scientists about alleged chemical event in Douma

–Texas cop is charged with murder of unarmed Black man last Saturday

–California prosecutor agrees to re-open Oscar Grant killing by BART cop

–suicide by gun is increasing

–in fresh podcast interview for the Freedom Foundation, Jim McCloskey recounts his 40-year work to free wrongfully convicted prisoners

–at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern slams Jim Comey for amnesia at Senate hearing last week

–protests erupt in Kyrgystan, as Sunday’s election is invalidated

–our daily Covid-19 update, Immune Response article is here

–Supreme Court declines music copyright case, Led Zeppelin wins

–guitar slinger Eddie van Halen dies of cancer at age 65