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PBC News & Comment: In Partisan Election Ruling, SCOTUS Contradicts SCOTUS

In incoherent, blatantly partisan move, Supreme Court reinstates South Carolina ballot witness rule, an act of voter suppression during election…--Buzzfeed covers the story well

--more details surface about Amy Coney Barrett and People of Praise cult, which Dems promise not to ask about in hearings

--at Barrett’s super-spreaded White House debut, her patron and leader of Alliance Defending Freedom was guest

--E. Jean Carroll, the writer who’s accused Trump of raping her, fights effort by Bill Barr to kill her lawsuit for defamation

--following his miraculous resurrection from Covid, defiant Trump poses for photo op, without mask or Bible

--Trump says he will debate Biden in Miami next week

--for debate tomorrow, Pence and Harris argue about plexiglass screens

--Fed chair Jerry Powell sends SOS over bailout funding, as Trump kills negotiations with Speaker Pelosi

--McConnell adjourned the Senate after lame effort by Dems to block it

--in rare UN speech, former head of OPCW demands that the agency stop muzzling scientists about alleged chemical event in Douma

--Texas cop is charged with murder of unarmed Black man last Saturday

--California prosecutor agrees to re-open Oscar Grant killing by BART cop

--suicide by gun is increasing

--in fresh podcast interview for the Freedom Foundation, Jim McCloskey recounts his 40-year work to free wrongfully convicted prisoners

--at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern slams Jim Comey for amnesia at Senate hearing last week

--protests erupt in Kyrgystan, as Sunday’s election is invalidated

--our daily Covid-19 update, Immune Response article is here

--Supreme Court declines music copyright case, Led Zeppelin wins

--guitar slinger Eddie van Halen dies of cancer at age 65