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PBC News & Comment: First, They Came For QAnon

Facebook’s total ban of QAnon posts and groups raises censorship issues, and will hardly diminish peoples’ belief in the narrative…–at MintPress, Raul Diego examines the Q phenomenon

–Trump is tweeting furiously about Russiagate, has finally declassified memos related to its origins

WashPost pundit Paul Waldman dismisses the moves, in effort to keep the narrative intact

–in latest GOP voter suppression move, Texas Supreme Court blocks 2 million voters from using absentee ballots

–Trump campaign is short of cash, cancelling TV ads in key states

–Mr. No Compassion, Stephen Miller, joins list of Covid positive Trumpers

–but before he quarantines, Miller directed new fast-track deportation plan

–at Irwin County immigration jail in Georgia, women say medical treatment hasn’t improved

–Senate Dems demand explanation of missing item from Amy Coney Barrett files, an anti-abortion screed she signed

–Mitch McConnell slams media for accurate reports about Barrett and People of Praise cult

–billionaire Sackler family set to approve deal to cough up OxyContin cash

–Covid and recession made billionaires richer

–at ConsortiumNews, John Kiriakou warns that Biden is listening to John Negraponte and other GOP madmen

–Alan McLeod cites Phyllis Bennis in warning that “Abraham Accord” is not a peace deal, it’s precursor to war with Iran

–at the Grayzone, Aaron Maté reports on predictable denials of OPCW whistleblowers

–after ending bailout talks, Trump now demands airline bailout and $1200 checks

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–after Obama released Uighyurs from Gitmo, Canada keeps them apart from families

–Johnny Nash, reggae-loving crooner, is dead at 80