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PBC News & Comment: First, They Came For QAnon

Facebook’s total ban of QAnon posts and groups raises censorship issues, and will hardly diminish peoples’ belief in the narrative…--at MintPress, Raul Diego examines the Q phenomenon

--Trump is tweeting furiously about Russiagate, has finally declassified memos related to its origins

--WashPost pundit Paul Waldman dismisses the moves, in effort to keep the narrative intact

--in latest GOP voter suppression move, Texas Supreme Court blocks 2 million voters from using absentee ballots

--Trump campaign is short of cash, cancelling TV ads in key states

--Mr. No Compassion, Stephen Miller, joins list of Covid positive Trumpers

--but before he quarantines, Miller directed new fast-track deportation plan

--at Irwin County immigration jail in Georgia, women say medical treatment hasn’t improved

--Senate Dems demand explanation of missing item from Amy Coney Barrett files, an anti-abortion screed she signed

--Mitch McConnell slams media for accurate reports about Barrett and People of Praise cult

--billionaire Sackler family set to approve deal to cough up OxyContin cash

--Covid and recession made billionaires richer

--at ConsortiumNews, John Kiriakou warns that Biden is listening to John Negraponte and other GOP madmen

--Alan McLeod cites Phyllis Bennis in warning that “Abraham Accord” is not a peace deal, it’s precursor to war with Iran

--at the Grayzone, Aaron Maté reports on predictable denials of OPCW whistleblowers

--after ending bailout talks, Trump now demands airline bailout and $1200 checks

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--after Obama released Uighyurs from Gitmo, Canada keeps them apart from families

--Johnny Nash, reggae-loving crooner, is dead at 80