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PBC News & Comment: Bill Barr Directs Anti-trust Crackdown on Google

His motives aren’t clear, but AG Barr directed fast-track suit against Google for anti-trust violations, which have been apparent for years…--Pelosi and Trump are separately promoting Covid relief, which seems unlikely to clear Senate due to GOP self-destruction impulses

--Thursday’s final debate will include microphone switches and time penalties for interruptions

--new poll shows Biden with comfy leads on almost all major issues

--Biden’s fundraising edge is fueled by megadonors

--33 million have already voted, as key swing states see mail delivery delays, and divided Supreme Court allows Pennsylvania to extend deadline for mail ballots

--arson is alleged in fire started in LA ballot drop box

--Trump uses Fox y Friends to signal Barr to investigate Hunter Biden

--Barr’s to busy extinguishing the rape-charge defamation suit from E. Jean Carroll

--speaking for Trump, Mark Meadows tells judge that tweets weren’t binding orders for declassification of Russiagate files

--corrupt Trump bagman Elliott Broidy pleads guilty to FARA crime

--in surprise move, US & Russia reach tentative agreement to extend nuke treaty

--Andrew Bacevich extols colleague's new book on foreign policy that defends “isolationists” and defines Biden as globalist

--at MintPress, Raul Diego reports on Israel’s arms sales to Azerbaijan, which are driving the war with Armenia

--also at MintPress, Alan Macleod reviews the biased media coverage of this week’s election in Bolivia and the 2019 US-backed coup

--Khashoggi’s fiancée and foundation sue MNS and Saudi Arabia over his assassination

--Rush Limbaugh announces that his days are numbered

--Yale Prof. Philip Atiba Goff reveals the intention of Trump’s all-cops commission on policing

--in Portland, Proud Boys suspect is denied bail

--on Netflix, The Trial of the Chicago 7 is well worth watching

--Jeffrey Toobin is quite embarrassed for onanism caught on Zoom

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--Trump reverses denial of California disaster request, as wildfires rage in Colorado

--60’s rock band leader Spencer Davis dies at 81