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PBC News & Comment: DiFi—Let’s Talk About Retirement!

It’s not just hugging Lindsey Graham, or weak opposition to Barrett, it’s clearly time for Sen. Dianne Feinstein to retire….–Dem Leader Schumer had private chat with Feinstein, as progressives call for new leadership on Judiciary Committee

–now that Barrett’s confirmation is assured, former members of People of Praise offer dark stories of the Christian/Catholic cult

–the battle over more Covid relief money exposes the ugly partisanship that grips Washington

–new reports expose Trump business activity in China, and unexplained $15 million cashout in 2017

–in 2016, Trump campaign was out of cash, and the cheapskate was persuaded to loan $10 million—or was it a contribution?

–Trump bolts from taping of 60 Minutes interview, cuz he’s an angry victim

–Rudy Giuliani is unwilling star of new Borat movie

–refusing to contradict Trump flunky and DNI Ratcliffe, FBI says it has “nothing to add” to denial that Hunter Biden story is Russian-induced

–Yasha Levine reminds us that Hunter Biden is corrupt, and that elite corruption is normalized

NY Times reveals how Spanish radio stations in Miami spread fake news about Biden

–new documentary Selling Lies shows that Macedonia click-bait operators were spreading fake news in 2016, with no connection to Russia; more info here

–Steele dossier legman Igor Danchenko explains his sources for pee-tape report

–your spooks want you to know they’re on top of the Russian interference action, this time

–threats to Democratic voters—and the candidates—apparently come from Proud Boys and a lone gun nut in Maryland

–politicomic Lee Camp lists 10 people to blame if Biden loses

–new report shows that many local police agencies can unlock your encrypted smartphone

The Intercept reports that Dataminr’s algorithmic Twitter search system isn’t as hi-tech as advertised

–Homeland Security sued for using chemical weapons in Portland

–Louisville cop who was wounded by Brionna Taylor’s boyfriend offers lame excuses, as grand juror says murder charges were not considered

–ACLU is still searching for 500+ parents separated from children at border

–settlement announced with Purdue Pharma lets Sacklers off easy

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–Pope Francis supports civil unions for same sex couples