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PBC News & Comment: Trump Loyalist at DNI Spins Fears of Russian and Iranian Cyberattacks

In bizarre pre-election announcement, Trump’s puppet DNI says Russia and Iran are sending threats, disinformation to voters using widely-available data…--John Ratcliffe delivers murky statement, saying Iran is helping Trump to win, and that data from “dark web” being used—when it’s widely available

--Pelosi keeps Dems focused on Russia as the bad actor

--federal judge accepts White House claim that Trump’s tweets aren’t official orders

--Trump moves to dismantle civil service for federal workers

--Senate Republicans blast Mnuchin in squeeze play over Covid relief

--Deep State action: Defense Secretary on loan from Raytheon changes Trump order to cut US troops in Germany, deploying them to Russian border states

--Trump isn’t winning the Jewish vote, so he threatens to label human rights organizations as anti-Semites for criticizing Israel

--US is feverishly trying to block approval of nuclear weapons ban treaty

--SecState Pompeo signs anti-abortion declaration supported by repressive nations

--boycotted by Dems, Senate Judiciary approves Barrett nomination 12-0 as NY Times courtwatcher Linda Greenhouse looks at fate of abortion rights

--will the second and last prez debate be different? Trump is averaging 50 lies a day

--breaking agreement with CBS, Trump releases video of 60 Minutes interview he cut short, with damaging statements about killing Obamacare

--Trump campaign cash crunch leads to blame game

--late in the contest, Obama surfaces to slam Trump and encourage blacks to voted for Biden

--Trump has widely abused laws and rules about campaigning at White House, but GOP demands investigation into Biden’s Amtrak charter for whistlestop tour

--Supreme Court intervenes to block drive-up voting in Alabama, and has injected confusion into mail balloting in South Carolina

--in $200 million ballot campaign to change labor laws in California, Uber/Lyft annoy their drivers and use nonprofit postal rates

--Covid quarantine rules prevent DOJ lawyer from arguing for federal takeover of rape/defamation case against Trump

--Jeffrey Epstein’s pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell, loses legal argument as deposition is released

--Colorado wildfires go wilder, jumping the Continental Divide above the tree line

--10 years after release of Iraq War Logs, Kevin Gosztola examines the impact

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--from the scene, GrayZone Project releases video report on Bolivian election

--the latest judge at Gitmo assigned to 9/11 case may be forced out

--after 2 years, Facebook appeal panel gets up and running

--Googlers object to secret contract for Google Cloud to support virtual border wall

--ICE is rounding up Africans at risk of death in home countries, and deporting some

--worldwide protest briefs: Nigeria and Thailand