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PBC News & Comment: At Final Debate, A Kinder, Gentler Bully Showed Up

Threat of microphone muting led Trump to fewer interruptions and less combat, and Biden had some good moments in final debate…--GOP seizes on Biden’s garbled comments on fracking and climate change

--Trump injected Hunter Biden, with little impact

--your humble host offers a range of comments

--offstage, ex-partner of Hunter Biden makes claims—without evidence—that Joe was aware of China business deal

--Caitlin Johnstone says “the war machine wins"

--analysis in the absurd zone from Pat Robertson and Bill McKibben

--corporate media focus on claims of new Russian meddling, mostly speculation

--Aaron Mate interviews former CIA analyst Ray McGovern about new Russiagate

--in new, in-depth interview with PBC, Greg Palast describes the election mess in Georgia and Michigan, and warns that many mail-in ballots will be rejected

--in NY Times editorial, Farhad Manjoo deplores online conspiracies, without noting media’s role

--and his colleague Steve Lohr says we need a new regulator for tech

--with bruises on his hands and lips, we ask: who beat up Mitch McConnell?

--19 women allege medical abuse at ICE prison in Georgia

--second group of appeals judges rejects Trump’s effort to mangle the census

--from our summer of rage: Boogaloo Boi charged with rioting in attack on Minneapolis police precent; Portland judge hears violations of his order banning most “less-lethal_ weapons; Seattle continues to investigate police brutality

--federal appeals court orders new sentencing for Oakland man who was set up by FBI on domestic terrorism charge

--our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

--Weekend viewing: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat 2 and Alexandra Pelosi’s American Selfie