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In-Depth Interview: Journalist Greg Palast Warns of Rejected Mail-in Ballots, and Post-Election Skirmishes

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Greg Palast comments on the upcoming election meltdown, restoration of purged voters in Georgia and Michigan, SCOTUS interference, and the prospects of post-election skirmishes that could turn violent. Palast’s latest book is How Trump Stole 2020, and you can get updates here. The PSA we play in the podcast is also posted there.

We open with a discussion of Georgia, where Palast has sued Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to restore 198,000 voter registrations that have been purged.  Palast has offered to pay for the use of the official Postal Service records regarding people who have moved.  Palast is also pushing Michigan’s Democratic female officers to reinstate voters who were purged by their GOP predecessors.

Palast details how, in many states, mail-in ballots will be rejected at the rate of 22% of ballots cast, due to many factors.  The biggest reason is failure to receive a requested absentee ballot, then signature and witness errors, and trivial issues like postage due, use of Scotch tape to seal the envelope, and mismarking.

We discuss the late intervention and micromanagement by the Supreme Court, protecting barriers to voting in Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and other states. As we wrap up, Palast declared victory in taking down the Interstate Crosscheck List, as Willie Nelson sings “Vote Them Out”.