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PBC News & Comment: Are Corporate Media Gatekeepers Back In Charge?

NY Times columnist Ben Smith, who once ran Buzzfeed, says suppression of Hunter Biden reports shows gatekeepers are in control…–read Smith’s column here

–Smith’s former outlet, Buzzfeed, details Boogaloo Bois network and coordination

NY Times offers advice on dealing with Qanon adherents

–as Juice Media’s Australian satire team takes on Q

NY Times details who’s funding Trump and Biden campaigns

–Trump/Pence stump to large crowds, while Biden/Harris avoid them

–Biden’s lead has narrowed, while TrumpCo touts cherrypicked polls

–The Donald uses sexism, while Crown Prince Jared uses racism to campaign

–ultraconservative NH Union Leader endorses Biden

–George Conway uses tons of irony on Trump

–new study from Sweden says Republicans resemble autocratic parties in Europe

–in Sunday editorial, NY Times says “RIP, GOP”

–as Dems try to shame third party and protest voters into supporting Biden, many registered voters sit out the election

–Dems are likely to take back the Senate with a crop of conservatives, and their opponents call them radicals

–gloating about the Barrett court confirmation, Mitch McConnell hints that he knows he’s lost the Senate

–8 days from the election, Republicans are still trying to restrict voting in Alabama and North Carolina, and SCOTUS keeps intervening without offering rationales

–echoing our Greg Palast interview, Nathan Robinson warns that Dem mail-in ballots may be rejected in large numbers

–Trump appointee resigns in protest of civil service changes

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–in Belarus, ongoing protests grow to national strike

–refugee and asylum immigration is virtually shutdown, but Hong Kong protesters have special status in Trumpworld

–Max Blumental posts powerful video interview with newly-elected senator in Bolivia, who was jailed and harassed after last year’s US-backed coup