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PBC News & Comment: Are Corporate Media Gatekeepers Back In Charge?

NY Times columnist Ben Smith, who once ran Buzzfeed, says suppression of Hunter Biden reports shows gatekeepers are in control…--read Smith’s column here

--Smith’s former outlet, Buzzfeed, details Boogaloo Bois network and coordination

--NY Times offers advice on dealing with Qanon adherents

--as Juice Media’s Australian satire team takes on Q

--NY Times details who’s funding Trump and Biden campaigns

--Trump/Pence stump to large crowds, while Biden/Harris avoid them

--Biden’s lead has narrowed, while TrumpCo touts cherrypicked polls

--The Donald uses sexism, while Crown Prince Jared uses racism to campaign

--ultraconservative NH Union Leader endorses Biden

--George Conway uses tons of irony on Trump

--new study from Sweden says Republicans resemble autocratic parties in Europe

--in Sunday editorial, NY Times says “RIP, GOP”

--as Dems try to shame third party and protest voters into supporting Biden, many registered voters sit out the election

--Dems are likely to take back the Senate with a crop of conservatives, and their opponents call them radicals

--gloating about the Barrett court confirmation, Mitch McConnell hints that he knows he’s lost the Senate

--8 days from the election, Republicans are still trying to restrict voting in Alabama and North Carolina, and SCOTUS keeps intervening without offering rationales

--echoing our Greg Palast interview, Nathan Robinson warns that Dem mail-in ballots may be rejected in large numbers

--Trump appointee resigns in protest of civil service changes

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--in Belarus, ongoing protests grow to national strike

--refugee and asylum immigration is virtually shutdown, but Hong Kong protesters have special status in Trumpworld

--Max Blumental posts powerful video interview with newly-elected senator in Bolivia, who was jailed and harassed after last year’s US-backed coup