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PBC News & Comment: Be Prepared for Waves of Bankruptcy, Eviction, Homelessness

As Congress adjourns with no new relief, bankruptcies and evictions are increasing, will likely lead to major increase in homeless population…--15 years ago, Joe Biden “reformed” bankruptcy law, which increased costs and obstacles to debt relief

--from different angles, NY Times opinionist Ross Douthat and Matt Taibbi challenge corporate media gatekeepers on Hunter Biden story blackout attempts

--federal judge slams Bill Barr’s gambit to shield Trump from defamation suit derived from rape charges by E. Jean Carroll

--SCOTUS intervened, again, to limit vote-counting, denying Wisconsin plan to extend deadline

--federal appeals court intervenes in Ohio, to block effort to expand drop boxes for mail-in ballots

--latest polling in battleground states shows race is close enough to steal

--Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, in Atlantic column, vows to hold Trump accountable for the threats on her life

--Dems are confident of expanding House majority


--Trump tweets false info about “changing your vote”, but Twitter takes no action

--NY Times reveals that Google pays Apple $8-12 billion annually to place its search feature on all Apple phones and other screens

--Facebook takes heat from trying to shut down project that shows users how their data were used to target them for political ads

--at MintPress, Raul Diego gives some oversight to new Facebook Oversight Board, and Alan Mcleod reports on Samantha Power’s call for more censorship

--WashPost’s Margaret Sullivan offers more evidence of Facebook throttling left media sites

--NY Times expose of rabidly pro-Trump Epoch Times reminds PBC of Rev. Moon’s launch of Washington Times to support Nixon in the 1970’s

--CA Gov. Gavin Newsom GOOD: he signs brief citing racism in death penalty

-- CA Gov. Gavin Newsom BAD: he pledges to end fracking, while issuing more permits

--Arctic methane deposits are bubbling up earlier than predicted

--protests erupt in Philadelphia after cops fatally shoot mentally ill Black man

--at ConsortiumNews, recap of WikiLeaks release of Vault 7, and a great history primer on Sudan and the phony “peace deal” with Israel

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--from different Chicago archives, we share this link to Franklin McMahon’s courtroom drawings of the Chicago 7 trial, and a 1969 aircheck of PBC radio idol Ron Britain, who died Sunday at age 85; read Robert Feder's tribute here