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PBC News & Comment: Tech CEOs Easily Withstand Ritual Bashing at Hearing

Zuckerberg, Pichai and Dorsey—of Facebook, Google and Twitter—were grilled via Zoom in ritual that never leads to change, regulation…–GOP senators mostly focus on Twitter’s “censorship” of Trump, while Dems talk about evil foreign influence

WSWS reports Facebook is deploying teams with censorship tools for expected post-election chaos control

–Facebook got slammed by GOP Secretaries of State for facilitating voter registration for 4 million people

–trio of lefty lawyers pen NY Times op-ed, saying SCOTUS should stay out of state election law disputes

–FL Gov. DeSantis showed up to vote, but his addressed had been changed by suspected hacker, who is under arrest

–final polls put the race close enough to be stolen by GOP

–Michigan court rules that guns may be carried at polls

–at Michigan mob rally, Trump hurls more insults at Gov. Whitmer

WashPost notes that Trump’s attacks lead to threats to his targets

–at mob rally in Nebraska, 7 MAGAs were taken to hospital for hypothermia after shuttle buses failed to appear

–White House press release claims Trump has already ended the pandemic

–unleashed Obama takes pleasure in skewering Trump

–Spokane newspaper endorses Trump with barrage of insults

–in mock election, San Quentin prisoners favor Biden by 8 to 1

–protests continue in Philadelphia as we learn more about police killing of mentally ill Black man, Walter Wallace, Jr., as Portland hosts peaceful vigil

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola profiles the whistleblower who got Scott Pruitt fired at EPA

–Trump fights climate change by firing top NOAAA scientist and replacing him with Cato partisan

–latest California fires, driven by high winds, force 100,000 to evacuate in Orange County

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–US role in Yemen’s deadly war under Trump is exposed

–Pentagon boss Mark Esper is ready to spin the revolving door

–at MintPress, Alan Mcleod notes that Biden embraces bad policy in Latin America, and reports on removal of coup leaders in Bolivia

–Trump appointee wants to remove firewall at US propaganda services, to convert them to Trump propaganda services