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PBC News & Comment: Biden Still May Prevail, But America’s Idiots Embrace Trumpism

The Blue Wave fizzled, as Biden may barely beat Trump, Senate will likely stay GOP-controlled, and toxic Trumpism lives on…--as expected Trump declared victory in premature ejaculation, and unleashes lawyers to rig election his way

--TV news and social media try to counter Trump’s false victory claim, with limited effect

--Facebook and YouTube have favored Fox "News" as progressive outlets are throttled back

--GOP operatives continue to spread intentional false shit online

--Trump was pissed at Fox “News” for calling Arizona for Biden well before other networks

--Postal service delivered for Trump, by failing to deliver 300,000 mail-in ballots on election day

--the national Trump cult is embedded across the nation, and almost all of his GOP enablers have been re-elected

--NY Times pundit Tom Friedman lapses into lucidity, says America is the loser

--comments on the Democratic Party from Kevin Gosztola and David Talbot

--in NC, 25-year-old right wing nut Madison Cawthorn defeats Moe Davis

--purple terror Mitch McConnell is re-elected, may continue to control Senate, says Covid relief is now top priority

--voters approved major drug decriminalization in Oregon, and legalized weed in NJ, AZ, MT and SD

--spending $200 million plus to re-write labor laws, Uber and Lyft con California voters in approving Prop 22

--our daily Covid-19 update on the day Trump said the pandemic would be over

--Robert Fisk, British anti-war correspondent, dies at 74