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PBC News & Comment: Biden Likely to Win Electoral College—But Will He Be President?

Biden’s vote count chugs along with 5 states still undeclared as Trump blasts out lawsuits, but doesn’t appear to have traction to block...

--GOP stooge James O’Keefe fuels Trumpers with deceptive video about mail-in ballots in Nevada and Michigan

--Disinformation expert says Trump layed the groundwork well for claims of “stolen election”

--in fascinating article, Emily Dreyfuss breaks down Trump’s Twitter network, and how some typos are intentional

--Trump’s mouthpiece, Kayleigh McEnany, has trouble echoing the boss: stop counting in Pennsylvania, keep counting in Arizona and Nevada

--Bernie Sanders predicted Trump’s antics 2 weeks ago in Jimmy Fallon interview

--Schumer picked the candidates, and Senate Dems spent $1billion to flip 2 seats

--Pelosi will remain Speaker, but may lose more seats as 4 California races are too close to call

--Facebook’s live video service feeds suggested videos that violate its own policies

--4 out of 5 pollsters got it wrong

--in St. Louis, Cori Busch gave powerful victory speech

--listeners offer interesting comments

--Chris Hedges offers bleak, but accurate, assessment

--Nathan Robinson blames weak Democratic leadership

--and Matthew Hoh calls for a new political party

--our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis.  The Reuters report on Paris students strike is here and the more detailed WSWS report is here

--Philadelphia releases videos of police killing Walter Wallace, Jr.

--2 groups of Portland protesters—one peaceful—were on the streets last night

--Seattle saw protests, too; and the GOP candidate for governor lost the race, and his job as small town police chief, too