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PBC News & Comment: Biden Likely to Win Electoral College—But Will He Be President?

Biden’s vote count chugs along with 5 states still undeclared as Trump blasts out lawsuits, but doesn’t appear to have traction to block…

–GOP stooge James O’Keefe fuels Trumpers with deceptive video about mail-in ballots in Nevada and Michigan

–Disinformation expert says Trump layed the groundwork well for claims of “stolen election”

–in fascinating article, Emily Dreyfuss breaks down Trump’s Twitter network, and how some typos are intentional

–Trump’s mouthpiece, Kayleigh McEnany, has trouble echoing the boss: stop counting in Pennsylvania, keep counting in Arizona and Nevada

–Bernie Sanders predicted Trump’s antics 2 weeks ago in Jimmy Fallon interview

–Schumer picked the candidates, and Senate Dems spent $1billion to flip 2 seats

–Pelosi will remain Speaker, but may lose more seats as 4 California races are too close to call

–Facebook’s live video service feeds suggested videos that violate its own policies

–4 out of 5 pollsters got it wrong

–in St. Louis, Cori Busch gave powerful victory speech

–listeners offer interesting comments

–Chris Hedges offers bleak, but accurate, assessment

–Nathan Robinson blames weak Democratic leadership

–and Matthew Hoh calls for a new political party

–our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis.  The Reuters report on Paris students strike is here and the more detailed WSWS report is here

–Philadelphia releases videos of police killing Walter Wallace, Jr.

–2 groups of Portland protesters—one peaceful—were on the streets last night

–Seattle saw protests, too; and the GOP candidate for governor lost the race, and his job as small town police chief, too