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PBC News & Comment: Trump Golfs and Kvetches As Biden Declared Winner

As Pennsylvania and Nevada show Biden victory, Trump refuses to concede and his allies stoke conflict, claim fraud as GOP rigging failed…--in victory speeches, Biden and Harris pledge to rebuild as Jo’Biden pursues dangerous bipartisanship like Obama did in first term

--McConnell signals obstruction over cabinet confirmations, already

--Biden signals he will abandon “America First”

--world leaders, except Putin, congratulate Biden

--"Fox “News” was last network to declare Biden won, and today Neil Cavuto cut off Kayleigh McEnany in the middle of unloading a pack of lies

--a handful of Trump’s GOP enablers urge him to fight on, and Rush Limbaugh lies about Dem conspiracies

--as expected, Trump tweet-fired Pentagon boss Mark Esper

--Trump’s head of GSA is refusing to sign transition papers

--AOC uses logic and data to silence ConservaDems who blame progressives

--James Downie and Norman Solomon argue for progressives

--House Dems still at risk of losing 3 more California seats

--small group of Portland protesters arrested for vandalism on Dem headquarters

--our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis; Whitney Webb report on Op Warp Speed is here

--following Vienna attack, EU moves to ban encryption

--ruthless Trump and Stephen Miller are sending asylum seekers back to Cameroon, where they face credible fears of harm

--Evo Morales returns to Bolivia from exile in Argentina

--Midnight Oil bass player Bones Hillman dies of cancer at 62

--Alex Trebek, popular host of Jeopardy! Dies of cancer at80