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PBC News & Comment: Trump Purges Pentagon as ‘Million MAGA March’ Descends on Washington

After firing Defense Secretary Esper, Trump replaces 2nd-tier Pentagon leadership with loyalists; are his intentions foreign, or domestic?...--in ominous sign, Oath Keepers rally Trumpists for big rally this Saturday, with Qanon code in their call to arms

--Trump and allies promote false memes of election fraud, including postal worker in O’Keefe video who has reportedly recanted claim of backdating ballot mail

--in Trump-directed lawsuits, his lawyers squirm as judges bluntly reject specious claims

--the lame-duck infusion of Trump toadies at the Pentagon raises serious concerns about his intentions

--John Bolton, the coward of Trump impeachment, urges Republicans to stop coddling Trump and accept the loss

--a major enabler, Mike Pompeo promises “smooth transition to second Trump administration”

--at The Guardian, Jill Filipovic sounds an alarm

--at “Justice” Dept, Bill Barr relaxes rules for voter fraud investigations, but is he playing a double game?

--Georgia recount will be a hand audit, but unlikely to shift 14,000 votes

--GOP Georgia Senate candidates jump for Trump—how were they pressured?

--NY Times contacted election officials in all 50 states, no evidence of voter fraud

--in Puerto Rico, 200 boxes with about 4,000 ballots have been found, but are not related to presidential race

--Qanon adherents sue YouTube over speech rights

--our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

--Israeli anti-Zionist Miko Peled looks at possible changes in US-Israel relations under Biden

--Biden plans to make climate change a priority in all government departments