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PBC News & Comment: Trump Purges Pentagon as ‘Million MAGA March’ Descends on Washington

After firing Defense Secretary Esper, Trump replaces 2nd-tier Pentagon leadership with loyalists; are his intentions foreign, or domestic?…–in ominous sign, Oath Keepers rally Trumpists for big rally this Saturday, with Qanon code in their call to arms

–Trump and allies promote false memes of election fraud, including postal worker in O’Keefe video who has reportedly recanted claim of backdating ballot mail

–in Trump-directed lawsuits, his lawyers squirm as judges bluntly reject specious claims

–the lame-duck infusion of Trump toadies at the Pentagon raises serious concerns about his intentions

–John Bolton, the coward of Trump impeachment, urges Republicans to stop coddling Trump and accept the loss

–a major enabler, Mike Pompeo promises “smooth transition to second Trump administration”

–at The Guardian, Jill Filipovic sounds an alarm

–at “Justice” Dept, Bill Barr relaxes rules for voter fraud investigations, but is he playing a double game?

–Georgia recount will be a hand audit, but unlikely to shift 14,000 votes

–GOP Georgia Senate candidates jump for Trump—how were they pressured?

NY Times contacted election officials in all 50 states, no evidence of voter fraud

–in Puerto Rico, 200 boxes with about 4,000 ballots have been found, but are not related to presidential race

–Qanon adherents sue YouTube over speech rights

–our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis

–Israeli anti-Zionist Miko Peled looks at possible changes in US-Israel relations under Biden

–Biden plans to make climate change a priority in all government departments