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PBC News & Comment: Trumpers Keep Feeding Bullshit to Bobbleheads

GOP deception tool James O’Keefe drops another video of anonymous, alleged postal worker who says Trump ballots were dumped—after deadline….--you can watch O’Keefe’s bullshit video here

--previous USPS “whistleblower” from Erie recants his claims, then un-recants

--WashPost debunks four other videos claiming voter fraud

--Trump won Texas by 650,000 votes, but loony Lt. Gov. offers $1 million in rewards for voter fraud info

--Dominion voting machines do have problems, but not the ones Trump is now blaming them for

--Brad Friedman breaks down the improbable Georgia recount plans offered by SecState Raffensperger, who’s in quarantine

--a few more Republicans have acknowledged Biden won, but denial is hampering Covid response and bailout bill

--the holdout is challenging the weak efforts of social media to deal with concocted chaos

--at The Guardian, David Sirota says Biden is being too passive, and he’s right

--at ConsortiumNews, editor Joe Lauria says Trump’s bad form is payback for Russiagate, and he’s right, too

--this election produced highest turnout ever, and Trump even won places with high fatality rates from Covid

--as Biden taps self-described “chief propagandist” to run US propaganda outlets, Trump is hinting he wants his own platform, hoping to wreck Fox “News”

--Republicans are divided on whether Trump should dump CIA boss, Bloody Gina Haspel

--“Justice” Dept. admonishes Alex Azar for ditching Epstein indictments, but doesn’t call it professional misconduct

--pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong resign en masse, ending “one nation, two systems” charade

--our daily Covid-19 update, compiled by Linda Lewis;  CDC Thanksgiving guidelines are here

--ICE is deporting female migrants who accused doctor of unwanted surgeries

--California Gov. Newsom has pardoned immigrants with criminal records to prevent deportation, but not Bounchan Keola

--Obama’s new book confirms that Biden opposed bin Laden raid

--first victim of Zoom-onanism, Jeffrey Toobin, resigns from New Yorker

--it’s not in the musical, but new study shows Alexander Hamilton owned slaves