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PBC News & Comment: Will Trump Unleash His Armed Mobs?

Amid conflicting reports of Trump’s intentions, armed Oath Keepers and others will rally in DC and around the country this weekend….–Catch the pro_trump alerts here

–Nick Turse notes that, by definition, Trump can’t coup himself—the correct term is “autogolpe”, meaning clinging to power

–Naomi Klein has studied coups, and thinks Trump power grab is unlikely, but possible

–White House insiders tell NY Times’ Maggie Haberman “He knows it’s over”

–more Republicans separate from Trump, including Sheldon Adelson, his biggest donor

–law firm dumps Trump after heat from silly lawsuits

–possible scheme to get red state legislatures to pick their own Electors seems improbable now

–election map is now complete, as Trump takes North Carolina and Biden claims Georgia

–election officials collude, declare the election was secure, no systems were compromised by Russia or Iran; visit the rumor control page here

–in only known case of voter fraud, Iowa woman faces charges for voting twice, like Trump suggested

–Zuck tells Facebookers that Biden has won, but Bannon shouldn’t be banned

–in new, in-depth interview, Stephen Shainbart explains the challenges for Americans who seek exile in Canada, and how Trump made him do it

–many voices raise concerns about the people Biden will appoint:

Caitlin Johnstone calls it “most diverse…cabinet of mass murderers”

–Alan Mcleod looks at the wealth of Biden’s hawks, and Biden’s wealth, too

–John Kiriakou laments the Beltway mess

–and Ray McGovern hopes the Pentagon shakeup is about exposing Russiagate

–Texas AG hangs on despite investigation and indictment

–Justice Sam Alito unloads his burdens and a twisted view of religious liberty to Federalist Society

–our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

–on cops’ website, high-ranking NYPD official, who leads anti-discrimination efforts, exposed for racist rants

–new British report suggests that we have reached point of no return on climate

–bankers’ summit pledges to fund renewables, but declines to end funding to oil and gas

–RIP Bill Pelke, a victim of violent crime who worked tirelessly to end the death penalty