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PBC News & Comment: Will Trump Unleash His Armed Mobs?

Amid conflicting reports of Trump’s intentions, armed Oath Keepers and others will rally in DC and around the country this weekend….--Catch the pro_trump alerts here

--Nick Turse notes that, by definition, Trump can’t coup himself—the correct term is “autogolpe”, meaning clinging to power

--Naomi Klein has studied coups, and thinks Trump power grab is unlikely, but possible

--White House insiders tell NY Times’ Maggie Haberman “He knows it’s over”

--more Republicans separate from Trump, including Sheldon Adelson, his biggest donor

--law firm dumps Trump after heat from silly lawsuits

--possible scheme to get red state legislatures to pick their own Electors seems improbable now

--election map is now complete, as Trump takes North Carolina and Biden claims Georgia

--election officials collude, declare the election was secure, no systems were compromised by Russia or Iran; visit the rumor control page here

--in only known case of voter fraud, Iowa woman faces charges for voting twice, like Trump suggested

--Zuck tells Facebookers that Biden has won, but Bannon shouldn’t be banned

--in new, in-depth interview, Stephen Shainbart explains the challenges for Americans who seek exile in Canada, and how Trump made him do it

--many voices raise concerns about the people Biden will appoint:

Caitlin Johnstone calls it “most diverse…cabinet of mass murderers”

--Alan Mcleod looks at the wealth of Biden’s hawks, and Biden’s wealth, too

--John Kiriakou laments the Beltway mess

--and Ray McGovern hopes the Pentagon shakeup is about exposing Russiagate

--Texas AG hangs on despite investigation and indictment

--Justice Sam Alito unloads his burdens and a twisted view of religious liberty to Federalist Society

--our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis

--on cops’ website, high-ranking NYPD official, who leads anti-discrimination efforts, exposed for racist rants

--new British report suggests that we have reached point of no return on climate

--bankers’ summit pledges to fund renewables, but declines to end funding to oil and gas

--RIP Bill Pelke, a victim of violent crime who worked tirelessly to end the death penalty