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In-Depth Interview: New Yorker Stephen Shainbart Moved to Canada Due to Trump, and Tells How

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Stephen Shainbart is now a legal permanent resident of Canada; the lifelong New Yorker went into self-imposed exile after Trump became president, and he explains the complicated process.Shainbart tells his story in the new book, I Actually Did It! Becoming Canadian Because of Trump.  In this interview, Shainbart explains the dense bureaucratic wall and how he navigated it.

A psychologist, Sheinbart hired Canadian immigration lawyers to pursue the “Express Entry” program, which took almost 3 years and about US$7,000 to complete.  He describes the English test, physical exam, FBI clearance and other paperwork required.  He first had to get licensed as a psychologist, then spent a year working for an agency, which delivered the points he needed to gain approval.

Sheinbart shares his experience living in Canada, where he says people are nice, up to a point.  He comments on the clear narcissism of Trump, and explains what led him to leave the country–while he wonders why so few others have followed in his footsteps.