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PBC News & Comment: As Legal Gambits Fizzle, Trump Bobs & Weaves

Trump and Fox personalities continue to promote evidence-free claims of election rigging, as Trump slips in some hints he has lost…–scattered violence at MAGA mob rallies, but Trump doesn’t unleash his armed cultists and did not speak at DC march—he only tried to inflate crowd size

–Georgia recount is on track, so far adding a few votes for Biden

–Michigan court throws out claims of rigging of vote count, as Pennsylvania challenge is scaled back

–the cities that Trump fingers as hotbeds of Democratic chicanery—Philly, Detroit and Milwaukee—all showed slight increases for Trump over 2016

–at NY Times, Frank Bruni unloads a snarky column on Jared, Ivanka, and the cast of Trump grifters

–16 of Bill Barr’s prosecutors find no fraud, and slam Barr for memo last week

–post-election voter analysis shows that suppression schemes hurt GOP, while Dems miscalculated on Asians and Latinos

–we watch for lame duck actions of Judy Shelton Fed nomination, drilling permits in ANWR, and illegal actions by Chad Wolf at DHS

–The Intercept reveals government documents that show that Tiger Swan lied to regulators about infiltrating Standing Rock protests

–Aaron Maté appears on Tucker Carlson show, slamming generals who lied to Trump about Syria and Afghanistan, and plugs his OPCW revelations

–is the Pentagon purge Trump’s path to bringing troops home?

–Pepe Escobar reports on RCEP, China’s new trade pact with neighbors

–after Armenians torch homes in Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan delays takeover

–after less than a week, new Peruvian leader steps down amid protests

–after damaging report on St. John Paul II, Vatican watchers say his canonization was rushed

–NYC’s police watchdog agency abruptly fires 4 senior officials

–our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

–falling rents and high-priced movers show there’s an exodus from San Francisco

–listener Tao Lin shares his virtuoso talent at the piano