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PBC News & Comment: As Legal Gambits Fizzle, Trump Bobs & Weaves

Trump and Fox personalities continue to promote evidence-free claims of election rigging, as Trump slips in some hints he has lost…--scattered violence at MAGA mob rallies, but Trump doesn’t unleash his armed cultists and did not speak at DC march—he only tried to inflate crowd size

--Georgia recount is on track, so far adding a few votes for Biden

--Michigan court throws out claims of rigging of vote count, as Pennsylvania challenge is scaled back

--the cities that Trump fingers as hotbeds of Democratic chicanery—Philly, Detroit and Milwaukee—all showed slight increases for Trump over 2016

--at NY Times, Frank Bruni unloads a snarky column on Jared, Ivanka, and the cast of Trump grifters

--16 of Bill Barr’s prosecutors find no fraud, and slam Barr for memo last week

--post-election voter analysis shows that suppression schemes hurt GOP, while Dems miscalculated on Asians and Latinos

--we watch for lame duck actions of Judy Shelton Fed nomination, drilling permits in ANWR, and illegal actions by Chad Wolf at DHS

--The Intercept reveals government documents that show that Tiger Swan lied to regulators about infiltrating Standing Rock protests

--Aaron Maté appears on Tucker Carlson show, slamming generals who lied to Trump about Syria and Afghanistan, and plugs his OPCW revelations

--is the Pentagon purge Trump’s path to bringing troops home?

--Pepe Escobar reports on RCEP, China’s new trade pact with neighbors

--after Armenians torch homes in Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan delays takeover

--after less than a week, new Peruvian leader steps down amid protests

--after damaging report on St. John Paul II, Vatican watchers say his canonization was rushed

--NYC’s police watchdog agency abruptly fires 4 senior officials

--our daily Covid-19 update, edited by Linda Lewis

--falling rents and high-priced movers show there’s an exodus from San Francisco

--listener Tao Lin shares his virtuoso talent at the piano