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PBC News & Comment: Will Biden Permit Prosecution of Trump?

Obama made a big mistake refusing to prosecute Bush-era crimes, and Biden seems prepared to “look forward, not backward”…--NY Times Magazine weighs the pros and cons

--Forbes, the “capitalist tool”, explains how Trump has scored $6.9 million from taxpayer and campaign funds

--Trump’s latest defense secretary announces troop cuts in Afghanistan, Iraq

--Caitlin Johnstone details how top officials lied to Trump about troop levels in Syria

--hopeful about Biden’s win, Palestinians resume some cooperation with Israel

--Abby Martin’s lawsuit about being dis-invited from Georgia State leads lawmaker to amend anti-boycott law at behest of Israeli diplomat

--Koch money fuels “Campus Reform” that grooms right wing media actors

--Senate Judiciary chair Lindsay Graham is outed for attempted election fraud by Georgia’s secretary of state

--new team of Trump lawyers, led by Rudy Giuliani, tries to block certification in Pennsylvania, as nonpartisan canvassing boards feel pressure in Michigan

--Biden is populating his administration with familiar corporatists and loyalists from Obama and Biden years—will it include Hillary Clinton?

--Biden hasn’t spilled the details, but plans to address student loan burden

--conservative NY Times pundit Bret Stephens blathers about the “Left”, exposing his ignorance

--and Norman Solomon defends real progressives

  • --Twitter and Facebook CEO’s are pelted by senators, again
  • --Buzzfeed exposes Facebook’s failure to police posts from armed militia groups, like the Kenosha Guard
  • --the new “Facebook for haters”, Parler, is funded by the Mercers
  • --our daily Covid-19 update, prepared by Linda Lewis
  • --at MintPress, Raul Diego adds context to China’s new trade agreement RCEP, which Pepe Escobar reported on yesterday
  • [not sure where the above "bullets" came from]

--by yesterday’s deadline, almost 90,000 claims of sex abuse have been filed against the Boy Scouts of America

--Peru has a new leaders, third in about a week

--voters in several states legalized cannabis, and Virginiamay be next