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British relief worker detained for 3 years by CIA

Listen to this clip! It’s from my conversation with Moazzam Begg, founder Begg, a British relief worker, was detained by the CIA and held for three years in several prisons, including Guantanamo. “Were you tortured?” I asked. “That goes without saying,” he answered.

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Update for the PBC 'Base"

This dispatch from your humble host is going out to all emails in our database, starting 6.7.09

June 7, 2009

Dear Friend,

I’m pleased to report that the launch of my new online radio show is near.  The next time you hear from me, it will be an alert that the first program is posted online.  You are part of the Peter B. “base” of supporters, and the first to know of our plans.

Many of you have already been listening on the internet, so it will be easier for you to connect to our series of Podcasts at, at iTunes, or at

If you don’t understand podcasting, please be assured that you don’t need to have an iPod or even go to iTunes to hear the show.  You can just visit and find the latest shows.  You can listen right there on demand, or go to iTunes (for free) and subscribe to have the show downloaded to you computer right after we release it.  You can then listen to the show on your computer, or transfer it to a CD or MP3 player, including an iPod or iPhone.

When we signed off of AM radio in March, many of you pledged to subscribe to our podcast series.  Some of you even made advance payments of up to a year—thanks!  If you are able, please stop by and click on “You Can Help”  You can make a one time contribution, or (soon) you can set up a monthly subscription at the amount of your choice.

And if you know of possible advertisers or sponsors, please let me know!

With your support, I will be able to deliver 2 or 3 podcasts each week, with 45 minutes to an hour on each episode.  I’m pleased to tell you that Katrina Rill will continue as my producer, helping me shape the topics and lining up great guests to talk with.  We are ready to bring you more great—well, I guess I still think of them as “radio programs”—but they will be on your computer instead of your radio.  With the right accessories, you can even listen in the car.

So stand by for our next communiqué!