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Info on Podcast #34

PBC comments on Obama's speech on healthcare, and the well-funded corporate mobs determined to block any reform; and psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Kaye raises important issues about America's torture programs.

As you listen to PBC's commentary on the health care struggle, look at this chart that depicts the network of well-funded opponents and their connections to Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, and other GOP operators. PBC explains how the sliming of Van Jones, and the White House response, will only encourage Glenn Beck and others to continue attacking.

Dr. Kaye has great insights into the roles that psychologists and other professionals played in the implementation of torture procedures, and reports that the CIA was experimenting on US soldiers before 9/11. Read his article at


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Info on Podcast #33

David Cole talks about the torture memos;  Col. Ann Wright on Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, and sexual violence in the US military; Andy Dral talks about increasing shareholders' rights in corporations.  Prof. Cole teaches law at Georgetown and writes for The Nation.  His new book, The Torture Memos: Rationalizing the Unthinkable, reprints the memos from Yoo, Bybee and others that created the legal pretext for Bush's torture regime.

Bybee's ludicrous claim of national self defense, and the ridiculous efforts to re-define methods that clearly violate our laws and treaties are the basis of Cole's call for investigations and accountability.

Ann Wright is a retired Army colonel who was working for the State Deparment and was sent to Afghanistan in December, 2001.  She offers clear commentary on our continued presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

We also talk about her new effort to support women in the military and expose rape and other sexual violence against female soldiers.

Andy Dral checks in from a noisy pay phone on Wall St. to promote the idea of revising the "proxy access rule" to give shareholders a real voice in a corporation.  He is responding to our recent discussion of "corporate pershonhood" with David Cobb.


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Info on Podcast #32

Joe Trento, national security journalist, joins me and Sibel Edmonds for another installment in the Boiling Frogs interview series. Trento talks about the history of US-Iranian tensions, Brezinski's foreign policy strategy back in the 1970's, and he talks about Israel, Saudi Arabia's backing of Pakistan's pursuit of the nuclear bomb, A. Q. Khan and much more. Get details at Sibel has made big news herself recently, although the corporate media remains silent. Read the stunning revelations about Turkey's influence on members of Congress and much more at


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Info on Podcast #31

Former CIA analyst Mel Goodman on the torture report, Holder's special prosecutor, Leon's Panetta's weak leadership, and more; David Cobb, former Green Party Presidential nominee on corporate personhood, Supreme Court case. Goodman is the author of Failure of Intelligence: The Decline and Fall of the CIA, and spent more than 20 years at the Agency. He is critical of the Obama effort to limit the investigations, and the administration's heavy redaction of the 5-year-old Inspector General's report. He also criticizes the Washington Post and David Ignatius for pro-CIA bias. David Cobb's Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County is plaintiff in the Supreme Court case (regarding an anti-Hillary TV program that was funded by corporations) to be heard in September, and is hoping for a ruling that would deny corporations the same rights as "persons" under the Constitution. You can read their brief here.


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Info on Podcast #30

Former DEA Agent Sandy Gonzalez on the failed "War on Drugs", the death house in Juarez, and our failure to protect whistleblowers.  This is the next installment in the "Boiling Frogs" interview series, co-hosted by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds.  Gonzalez was a high-level DEA agent who reported to his superiors about a paid Mexican informant who was responsible for a series of murders at a house in Juarez, and tells how he was treated as a result.  Gonzales also comments on the remarks of journalist Charles Bowden, who says Mexico would collapse without the drug trade.   More info at


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Fox/Beck Win Dirty as Van Jones is Thrown Under the Bus

The resignation of Van Jones is a defining moment, a very negative one, for the Obama administration.

Jones is the victim of the corporate-funded media mob that's constantly convened at Fox News.  My email box was peppered with anti-Jones screeds in the last two weeks, sliming him as a black revolutionary, foul-mouthed, and un-American because he signed a petition demanding a real investigation of 9/11.

Jones is being jettisoned to reduce the distraction as Obama plans the speech I expect will jettison any attempt at thefuzzy "public option", in what has been reduced from health care reform to tinkering with the margins of health insurance.

In my view, Jones was targeted by the right in retaliation for the successful efforts of a nonprofit he founded to get corporate sponsors to pull their ads from Glenn Beck's lunacy-thon (should that be "lunathon"?).  The boycott was prompted by Beck's racist attacks on Obama.

So let me re-cap.  Beck makes scurrilous, racist comments about Obama.  A group that Jones has not been involved with for at least a year and a half fights back on behalf of Obama, and sane people.  Beck and allies smear Jones, and the Obama White House quickly surrenders.  That's putting out fire with gasoline.  That's empowering the mob in a dangerous way.

I've met Van Jones a couple of times, and interviewed him about four times.  He was one of the few, true progressives in the White House and his vision of a green economy with social justice is so powerful it threatened the corporate interests which are intent on blocking any real change or progress from timid Washington Democrats.  I'm confident Van will emerge from this stronger and wiser.

It's time to launch a progressive offensive on real health care reform, signal our rejection of escalation in Afghanistan and slow rolling out of Iraq, and to restore our constitutional rights.  We've held back, hoping that Obama would recognize our role in his victory and deliver some things he promised progressives.  We must press the House Progressive Caucus to stand firm, and force the administration and the DINO's of the Senate to realize that a clear majority will not yield to the orchestrated idiocy of the minority right.  We must continue to expose the smears and lies and repudiate those who promote them.

And we need a president who will fight back against below-the-belt attacks, and stand up for people like Van Jones--if only because it's in his own best interests.